Train radio battery steam locomotive BR 99, additional weight, 5 LGB metal wheelsets, G Scale garden railway IIm

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Train radio battery steam locomotive BR99, additional weight, 5 LGB metal wheelsets, track G. 27... more
Product information "Train radio battery steam locomotive BR 99, additional weight, 5 LGB metal wheelsets, G Scale garden railway IIm"

Train radio battery steam locomotive BR99, additional weight, 5 LGB metal wheelsets, track G. 27 MHz

Attention: We are not allowed to deliver batteries and chargers because of different legal regulations (battery set) in other European countries, because we have no corresponding registration in each EU country. However, you will find in your country manufacturers approved and registered batteries and chargers for little money as RC Tamiya charger with 7.2 volts with Tamiya plug and as a 7.2 volt RC battery with Tamiya plug. We therefore take them from the pack of this locomotive. Chargers are not allowed to be delivered to England because of the other plug standard. Overseas shipping of NiMH batteries by air is prohibited, since they have a short circuit or could explode. In Germany we have a WEEE registration no. DE 91841063 in waste electrical equipment register EAR for this locomotive with all components. We are obliged to take back this device as electronic waste for free. We have registered for this locomotive as a manufacturer, as the company Train has not registered. After all, Train has demonstrated the electromagnetic compatibility and received the CE mark for all components of this locomotive.

Same as NWE Nordhausen Werningeroder Eisenbahn, but with different inscription. A brass plate of the DR can be added as an option.

This locomotive is a sales racer at ZENNER: We largely solved technical problems with this locomotive from China.
The biggest problem, the laterally displaceable play of the middle axis is now big enough, so that the radius R = 600mm can be traveled.

Now the locomotive can drive curves with the radius R = 600mm at even higher speeds. Radii larger than 900 mm do not cause any problems.

Technical specifications:
- LüP 410mm,
- Locomotive with Ni MH battery operated, with 7.2 volts
- The engine is designed to 7.2 volts and has at both ends a gear screw, which drives two axles front and rear. The middle wheel is not driven by the linkage.
- Option: second battery has room. Please order by e-mail but do not pay immediately. Only if you have the confirmation from us, then please pay.
- Remarkable details in the cab, fittings, firebox, inserted windows, opening doors.
- Fine lettering in German. In lieu of Deutsche Reichsbahn and HSB is for licensing Harbor Station (HBS). Matching stickers are available in stores.
- SGS document on electromagnetic compatibility can be ordered as a PDF file.
- Powerful sound module with steam noise, track rattle, bell and pipes. The steam noise does not depend on the speed of the engine.
- LED peak signal changes with the direction of travel at higher speeds. Two lights at both ends are blue. They can be exchanged for yellowed lamps.
- The radio remote control has two channels for two locomotives, which can be controlled simultaneously with a radio.
- with G gauge couplings at both ends. Central buffer.
- Two function switches in the cab to set the frequency of the two radio channels and to switch the sound module on / off.
- On-Off switch for radio on the locomotive by moving the box front up next to the steam pressure boiler.
The locomotive can be stopped in four ways:
a) Switch box to loc on off
b) Lever on remote control in center position
c) emergency stop button on remote control
d) Remote control switch
- Triple LED headlight, front and rear.
- The loco looks very good and big and is executed in great detail.
- She is not dependent on brass tracks, but also drives on plastic tracks.
- Engine driver retrofittable
- You can open Füherhaus doors. They are closed by springs.

see also picture inside in the driver's cab:
2 function switches in the cab for sound and radio channel selection

Radio and battery:
Radio remote control switches the sound module on and off.
The remote control also allows a quick stop.
9 Volt Rectangular Battery for radio remote control included
NiHM Accupack 7.2 Volt, with Tamiya * plug
Charger 220 Volt, with Tamiya * plug
Spare parts for locomotive and radio in stock or at LGB or Ebay available.
Operating instructions in English.
A little exercise with the remote control is necessary because the zero point of the control lever for the stoppage of the locomotive without practice is not easy to find, so the way is very small. This makes some railroaders in the beginning problems. By placing your hand on the remote control, you can operate this lever more sensitively.

Manufacturer is Newqida from China with the brand name TRAIN.

After our fine tuning and interventions, it is of good quality, but does not match the quality of the LGB original when storing the wheels and some other items. An examination of each locomotive is necessary because our Chinese subcontractor has fluctuating quality. The parts themselves are well sprayed but usually there are assembly errors depending on the employee. Therefore each locomotive will be extensively tested and reworked in more than 25 positions before we deliver it. The initially annoying sewing machine clatter of the control (linkage) is eliminated by us, so that the locomotive runs smoothly. Now, after many tolerances are right, it works well even with tight radii. If the heavy-lift option has not been purchased, we recommend slowing down before the turn. Additional low-lying weights are also available on request. The shift of focus option may lead to delivery times. The cost of this post is very expensive.

We give a two-year warranty where the bill is your guarantee. Customers who have previously purchased the original locomotive and are not satisfied because of the center of gravity problems, can receive from us for a small cost of 25 euros the conversion.

Kit for conversion to analog operation with power over track or radio with battery under development
- The drive has space for retrofittable Piko or LGB power shoes as well as for 6 LGB carbon brushes (16mm). The guides are already sprayed. The series engine is loadable up to 12 volts with transformer. An LGB transformer works between 6 and 22 volts. It would be possible to fully overload the Fahrrahrreglers an overload of the engine. The locomotive would drive too fast.
Zenner now has several parallel arranged large series resistors, which are connected together in relation to the motor in series, provided for installation, which allows to control the locomotive with a transformer analog. This heats up a bit. The locomotive moves with it analog and in the correct range of rotation. A voltage stabilizer would be a more expensive option. The plastic wheels must be replaced with Piko metal wheels of the BR 80 drive.

Since the time required is considerable and thus would be too expensive by the locomotive through the labor costs, we have developed a kit, which we offer for 85 euros. Anyone who is skilled and knows something about soldering and electrics / electronics can tackle the project.

Spare Parts:
We have radio remote controls, locomotive body parts, locomotive parts, batteries and chargers, replacement engines, spare parts and replacement locomotives in stock for you

Please switch off the remote control at each standstill and with a longer stop also the switch on the locomotive. Otherwise, the batteries are empty faster because otherwise the locomotive wants to communicate permanently with the remote control.

possible options:
We deliver the following variants of the locomotive:

- Locomotive with plastic wheelsets without additional weight
- LGB metal wheelsets with forward and return and additional weight
- LGB drive with stainless steel gear sets, coal grinder, busbars and Bühler motor for running electricity from the track

Delivery time:
Due to the incoming checks, the delivery can be extended by several days. The locomotive is available in larger quantities

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