NewRay steam locomotive with LGB couplings, G Scale garden railway IIm

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Battery - Zillertalbahn tram of track G with original LGB or identical couplings at both ends.... more
Product information "NewRay steam locomotive with LGB couplings, G Scale garden railway IIm"

Battery - Zillertalbahn tram of track G with original LGB or identical couplings at both ends.

Please note: We can not supply batteries and batteries in European countries due to different legal regulations, as we do not have the corresponding registration in every EU country. However, you will find manufacturers and registered or registered batteries or batteries in your country. Overseas, the sending of battery packs by plane is prohibited, since these may have a short circuit or could explode. In Germany, Newray has a WEEE registration in the EAR electronic waste register. We are obliged to take back this device as an electronic waste device free of charge.

The steam locomotive is powered by batteries. It is a rebuilt NewRay locomotive, which has front and rear original LGB * clutches. ,

The locomotive consists of:

 - Steam locomotive with two batteries type C (baby cell). Now the locomotive can also pull back trailers in the neighborhood set of the original version of Dickie and NewRay

Further technical data:

 - for indoor and outdoor use.

 - Rail track G with track spacing 45 mm.

 - Battery powered

- Advantage: A battery powered locomotive can be started much faster in the garden than locomotives with transformer systems and extensive electrical accessories. Moreover, it is safer. Two batteries of size C baby cell are packed.

 - For small and large (children)

 - The locomotive is also suitable for children from 4 years.

 - Adhesive: two large, wide adhesive strips on the last wheel ensure that the lock can easily pull 10 trailers. An additional weight, e.g. A used battery, this still improves.

 Worth knowing about the scale 1:32 of this locomotive

With the 1:32 scale, this locomotive also fits Märklin lane 1, but you should know that Märklin has a different clutch, the claw clutch.
It fits to LGB or Piko-standard track systems and is also a condition of the somewhat larger and wider LGB Schmalspurbahn with scale 1: 22.5,

- Therefore it is advisable to run the locomotive better on LGB or PIKO systems.

- or on our plastic tracks.

- Very well fit such Märklin lane 1 locomotives, which possess LGB couplings and run on LGB plants. Such conversions are easy to carry out at Märklin, especially since Märklin also runs with Gelichstrom.

- It should also be known that LGB and PIKO standards are not so consistent, but cover a range between 1: 22.5 and 1:28. In this respect then these smaller NewRay® and Dickie® locomotives do not disturb on a mixed plant.

- Märklin locomotives and trailers run smoothly on LGB tracks. The latter are much more robust and weatherproof than MärklinSpur 1 tracks. Please note that this locomotive can only be driven on Märklin lane 1 tracks if the wheels are turned off, otherwise it will bounce over the bolts of the sleepers. If you want to stay at Märklin Spur 1, we offer this solution. As an option, we can consider this at this locomotive. We will be glad to tell you how you can do it yourself.

- Even an adapter track from Märklin Spur1 to LGB is available on order.

Small locomotive with big sounds

The locomotive gives regular whistling sounds during the trip. The whistling can be stopped by sticking the "flute hole" below the moving flap with a strip. To do this, you must remove the housing. The flap itself can not be fixed, otherwise in the long run something broken.


 - The function of each locomotive is checked by Zenner. However, it can not be compared with the quality of e.g. LGB® or Piko®. For the gardener, she is a beginner's assistant for the small purse or for small children and can later be upgraded to the large world of the well-known garden rail manufacturers via adapter rails No. ZR19600 to large G-track systems.

This Zillertalbahn similar locomotive is a real enrichment of a garden track system and can be described as a model railroad.

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